Iex Windows - A few notes Nov 29, 2018 Tab Completion On Windows this only works in werl. The native command-prompt, nor Powershell will allow tab completion. What you will need to do is run something like this iex --werl -S mix Powershell
Runtimes Cheatsheet Nov 4, 2018
Alpine Reference Nov 4, 2018 Include:Upgrading to latest release
Ledger Reference Nov 4, 2018 Ledger CLI cheatsheet
Misc Advice / Howto Nov 4, 2018 Real disaster recovery plans require preallocated resources Coiling Understanding Big O Dump Emacs org-mode agendas and todo lists to the command line Data Recovery Using QEMU to quickly test an ISO or bootable USB drive How To Route Web Traffic Securely Without a VPN Using a SOCKS Tunnel How to tie a butterfly knot How to make sourdough starter
Misc Software Reference Nov 4, 2018 BFG Repo-Cleaner Open Broadcaster Studio NK2Edit MfcMAPI DokuWiki Hugo KeepingYouAwake Pandoc UPX
Nix Reference Nov 4, 2018 Key Commands Nix nix-env -qaP python - search remote packages to install nix-env -q - list locally installed packages nix-env -i foo - install foo nix-env -u - update all packages nix-env -e foo - uninstall foo nix-collect-garbage - garbage collection Links Getting started with the Nix Package manager NixOps NixOS FAQ Isolated Development How I Develop
Hugo Reference Nov 4, 2018 Markdown Syntax Blackfriday Markdown Hugo Quickstart Links and Crossreferences Url Management Menus
ConnectWise Reference Nov 4, 2018 Developer Documentation
Elixir Reference Nov 4, 2018 Techniques Better Control Flow Using The “with” Macro Oh, the API Clients You’ll Build (in Elixir) Cheatsheets Elixir cheatsheet