Sunday Hacker Puzzle: Matryoshka Dolls

In last weeks puzzle we saw how much can be revealed by simply observing a file.  Using “strings” or a hex editor, you found the password embedded in the binary code of the executable.

Todays challenge isn’t going to be so easy.

A Matryoshka doll (or Russian nested doll) is a classic metaphor for how many technologies we use every day use encapsulation. With that in mind, examine the file below entirely.  If you find your way to the center of this “Russian doll” you will find a famous command.

Email your answers to [email protected] by next Sunday (Feb 6, 2010).  One winner will be randomly chosen among the correct answers and will receive one of the nifty lockpicks featured my previous article “The four reasons why lockpicking is an essential skill for IT

To make this fair, please do not post any questions or answers in the comments.  If enough people are stumped, I will place a hint in the comments in a few days.

Have fun!