What Is Your Epic Quest?


Anyone who’s spent more that a few minutes with me knows I’m obsessed productivity and metrics. So it’s no surprise that I try to apply the same approach I do to my life as I do to my code. Today I want to share one of my “hacks” for my personal life that came out of basic project planning.

The inspiration for this is heavily influenced by Steve Kamb’s Epic Quest of Awesome (by the way if you are a nerd and interested in fitness, please poke around his site for some awesome workouts.

What I’ve come up with is a very basic system using Emacs org-mode. I have also created a system to interpret the org-mode file and create a dashboard of sorts, that I can easily track my progress on various goals.

The key to this (for me at least) is that I use the same organization file for my “Epic” goals or my yearly goals as I do for my day to day tasks. This forces me to continually (and literally) keep an eye on the bigger picture. I do build in regular time during the week to take that “step back” but I find this helps me keep focused on that bigger picture.

Again, this is nothing grandiose just a little hack I’d like to share that might help to get you on your own Epic Quest. In a future post I will be going over the code and methods you can use to great your own progress dashboard on your Epic Quest of Awesome!

If you have any questions about my particular setup in org-mode or my status board, drop a comment. Thank you.