Sunday Puzzle: All tangled up

Welcome to the first in hopefully many Sunday Puzzles. Every Sunday I send you out a puzzle with a “hacker” slant to it.  Maybe its technical problem solving, maybe its using the tools you know and love, maybe its a crossword puzzle.

Today’s puzzle is an easy one (I hope).  I will link to three different binary files, each identical in function, just compiled for different systems.  Your challenge is to guess the password.  Simply run the program from the command prompt, and enter your guess.  If you get stumped, leave a comment and I’ll give you a hint.

I know…untrusted binaries…if you really want the source let me know

You are what you share

Hi, how are you?

I would like to say hello to all of my new subscribers this week.  I am really looking forward to hearing from everyone on what content interests them most.  Right now, the future is wide open for subject material.  In the near future, I have a few posts on locking picking planned, reviews of my favorite “hacker” tools, and some programming lessons.  Further in the future, I’d like to do some hardware hacks, social engineering and maybe even some interviews.

Thank you __Matt Simmons_ (the Standalone Sysadmin) for his invaluable encouragement and tips on blogging.  Also a shout out to [email protected]_r_ (sysadmin, hiker,guitar player…) looks like he’s sent a good deal of traffic my way via twitter._

You are what you share

Though the year has barely started, I want to share with you one of the most important lessons I have learned so far.  Like many personal breakthroughs, it is a subtle shift in perception that allows you to see the whole world in a different light.  To see things in a truly different way.

A few months ago I was testing some new equipment I had purchased for a project (Pharos iGps 500 and Black Intellinet Wireless ADP-503457).  After a quick jaunt around town doing some “wardriving” I had a nice handful of wireless AP’s and their associated GPS coordinates.  This is not something out of the ordinary for me.  I play with gadgets all the time.  The thing I did different this time was to tell other people about it.  Rather than letting this data sit, forgotten, I decided to write it up into a blog post (one of my first from my previous site).  Long story short, my boss saw it, did a write-up on his blog, more people saw it and eventually we ended up doing a radio interview.  From all of this publicity the place I work at has gotten several new jobs and who knows how much additional revenue.

But this is not spectacular.  I just did the same sort of thing I always do, except this time_ I told people about it. It wasn’t technically difficult for me to do, the hardest part was loading the proper driver for the USB wlan device.  It wasn’t novel, tons of people have done this before. But to the listening audience it _was something new and novel and very technical.  It probably took a good half hour just to clearly explain what a wireless access point is.

On the Internet, everyone is your audience!

In all likelihood, everyone reading this has a skill or talent or something that they just do that is new, informative and captivating to the rest of us…_if _we only knew.

It’s okay to pat yourself on the back

So fire up your web-browsers, send out that twitter post, mention something online, call up a friend, talk with co-workers…  It’s okay to brag!  In the IT field, so much hard work goes unnoticed, make sure yours doesn’t.

Let me know of your hereto unknown awesomeness.  Leave a comment, send an email, you can even leave me a voice-mail.

I look forward to hearing from you.

TYSN: Windows XP and Vista Product Key Recovery

Generally, I try to post only original content here, but I came across something in my work that I wanted to share with everyone.

In my particular situation I have a computer that is infected with the “Personal Secruity” trojan.  No safe-mode, no “normal” mode, no nothing.  So the best solution is to reload. Unfortunately, they don’t have their product key handy.

Lo and behold, Dagon Design has an excellent method on getting the product key from the ntuser.dat file.

So, give this one a try it never hurts to practice for situations like this!